Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What's New and Fresh in Home and Garden Accessories

Let lifestyle  transform your front porch and patio into something magical without using plants.  I have searched high and low to find great accessories to enhance your home.  Sometimes the simplest things can change an outdoor space, for example, outdoor pillows or even welcome mats.  I have found some new soft and colorful pillows that can change a drab chair or bench into something fresh and inviting.  Make sure that whichever pillows you choose for outside are made to be outside! Outdoor pillows don't last forever so each year or two you will need to refresh.  Another important tip is to change out your pillows for the seasons to create a new look year round. 
Don't forget to put out a welcome mat.  Make sure the mat reflects your personality.  If you like cats then get a welcome mat with a cat theme!  Have fun with it and dare to be different.  You'll want colorful mats that will put a smile on your visitors face.  A word of caution, the natural fiber mats fade rather quickly and wear and tear will enhance the process.  I offer a new line that is made from rubber, you can find them at my store, Botanica Gardens.  They are durable, are great for indoor and outdoor use, non-skid, anti-microbial, and hypoallergenic.  And are they vibrant, colorful, and unique in design.  It can be that simple to transform your space.

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